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Top Fox founder and owner Jeremy Zobrist is a fourth-generation farmer who drove his first tractor at age 6 and harvested his first crop at 17. When his wife Sarah was battling Crohn’s disease, they decided to make significant changes to their diet. This journey led them to look for healthier snacking options for their family and to venture into the world of developing their own unique line of healthy snacks for others to enjoy and benefit from.

As pumpkin growers, they knew pumpkin seeds offered high protein, no sugar, clean snacking, so they began to look at how they might create a delicious and healthy snack from the bounty of their own farm.

While farming is in Jeremy’s blood, his love of innovation and problem-solving fuels everything he does. He saw a need for a more crunchy, savory and minimally processed snack, and this became the genesis of our unique POP-ROASTED pumpkin seeds.
About Us


As American family farmers that are passionate about innovation, we’re always asking, “What if?” and “Why not?” When we purchased our farm in a region known for corn and soybeans, we set out to find new crops with superior nutrition that could also be grown in the area. Our goal is to always be good stewards of our land and to use it in ways to help others live what we like to call their Top Life.

About Us


Through intentional and innovative farming practices, our mission is to grow organic nutrition & serve healthy solutions. We want to continue to think creatively about the work we do and to produce unique, healthy snacks using ingredients and farming practices you can trust. As a result, we hope to make our world a better place, one snack at a time.

JEREMY ZOBRIST - Farmer / Founder



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